Joe the Grocer to Appear on 'Bachelor in Paradise' — Twitter Reacts

Heartbroken Bachelorette Fans Can Now Get ‘Joe the Grocer’ Apparel

It appears that more than just Bachelor Nation wants Joe ‘The Grocer’ Amabile to make a triumphant return as the next season’s Bachelor. RITAS, the Anheuser-Busch line of flavored canned margaritas like Lime-A-Rita and Mang-O-Rita has launched a campaign calling for Amabile to be the star of the show’s next season.

In an effort to #BringBackJoe after his swift exit from Becca Kufrin‘s season, the beverage company posted bright green billboards in the grocery store owner’s hometown of Chicago, which displayed love notes from the three Ritas.

“Dear Joe the Grocer, you don’t deserve a woman who appreciates your fruit. You deserve three,” the signs read.

Amabile won over The Bachelorette viewers from the first moment they saw him on Kufrin’s season in his introduction video, where the now 32-year-old demonstrated his love for aisle organization and grocery store produce. “I know my fruits and vegetables. I know tomatoes,” he said. “Very good. Women—not so lucky. I deal in produce, but one thing I haven’t produced yet is love.”

Kufrin recently told E! she didn’t give Amabile a rose on the first night because he seemed “nervous” and she “wasn’t sure he could ever get past the cameras.”

When he walked out of the limo, after telling Kufrin how nice she looked, Amabile proceeded to say, “I’m Joe, and I forgot everything I was going to say to you.” Later on, when Amabile had some one-on-one time with Kufrin, he told her he used to sell watermelons to grocery stores.

Anheuser-Busch also released a line of apparel in honor of the fan-favorite contestant, including logo T-shirts and a tote bag. A representative for the company said the campaign is not in direct partnership with Amabile. RITAS got the idea after seeing how outraged fans were after Amabile was sent home, and how they continue to mourn his exit for weeks as the show continues.

“Because Bachelor Nation closely aligns with the brand’s target demographic, we saw how much our fan base was taking to social media to express their feelings about Joe’s dismissal from The Bachelorette, and wanted to provide consumers with a platform to make their voices heard,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

One shirt prominently displays a cut-open watermelon and says, “Dear Joe the Grocer, you are one in a melon.”

Joe the Grocer to Appear on 'Bachelor in Paradise' — Twitter Reacts

“I’d walk down your aisle, Joe the Grocer,” another shirt reads, in reference to both his grocery store and his ultimate desire to be married.

The tote bag, which displays a large yellow heart and two small watermelon slices, reads, “Bag Me, Joe the Grocer.” Currently, the merchandise is not available for purchase, so Joe super-fans must follow RITAS on social media and DM them for opportunities to win the apparel.


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