Strictly Come Dancing 2018, Blackpool special: Ashley Roberts tops seaside  scoreboard with first perfect 40 of series

The first Strictly Come Dancing contestants for 2018!

Get ready for the Strictly theme tune to be firmly embedded in your brain for the next five months, as it’s all starting off again!


The celebrity contestants have been announced, and the first was revealed as Katie Piper.


Katie Piper on Strictly


Strictly Come Dancing 2018, Blackpool special: Ashley Roberts tops seaside  scoreboard with first perfect 40 of series


The TV star and model was announced on BBC Breakfast, with three more names to be dropped later today.


Katie, 34, admitted she’d known for a while and had struggled to keep the news a secret.


She’s originally from Andover and became famous after filming Channel 4 documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face, which dealt with the aftermath of a sulphuric acid attack she suffered in March 2008.


She’s now a mum of two and is well-known for her charity work, TV presenting and a whopping eight books!


She’s admitted to being a competitive person and dreams of being partnered with Giovanni, so we’re predicting big things for the star on Strictly.


Faye Tozer on Strictly


Steps singer Faye was the second contestant to be announced, and given her song and dance background we think she’s one to watch. She’s said that she’s very excited about the huge hair, make up and costumes.


Danny John-Jules on Strictly


Fans of the comedy series Red Dwarf will be delighted to know that the Cat himself, played by Danny John-Jules, is joining the ballroom lineup. It’s a bit of a change of scene for the actor, who has spent the last few months motorcycling around South America!


Joe Sugg on Strictly


Joe Sugg is the brother of famous Youtube star Zoella, and is a big name in Youtube himself. The 26-year-old confessed to being very nervous about it and having ‘questionable rhythm’, but we’re sure he’s just being modest!


Vick Hope on Strictle


The latest celebrity to be confirmed for the ballroom is Capital FM DJ Vick Hope. The Newcastle-born presenter went to Cambridge for university, so she’s clearly a smart cookie and should have no trouble remembering tricky steps.


Graeme Swann on Strictly


Cricket fans, rejoice! English cricketer Graeme Swann has been confirmed for Strictly. He’s admitted to being very worried, as he has no dance experience and isn’t keen on the idea of getting his chest waxed!


Dr Ranj Singh on Strictly


This Morning’s resident doctor is set to take to the floor, and we can’t wait to see him strut his stuff. Every Strictly contestant was given a codename based around a cheese – and his was ‘goat’!


Stacey Dooley on Strictly


Stacey is an investigative journalist and TV presenter who has previously made programmes around ISIS and other hard-hitting topics…so the Strictly ballroom is quite the career change! She says her mum is delighted.


Ashley Roberts on Strictly


Cue the inevitable ‘but she has dance experience’ comments – as former Pussycat Doll Ashley joins the cast. But she’s certainly never tried her hands (or rather, feet) at ballroom or Latin styles so we’re not sure she’s at much of an advantage,


Will you be watching?

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